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got e•qua•nim•i•ty?

That is my question to you. Equanimity is experiencing life with ease, calmness, composure, serenity, and confidence.  This includes our relationship with our beloved animal friends and the Earth herself. If you desire these qualities to lead in your life, please reach out and see how I can help you. 

May you always live with Gratitude, Compassion and Joy.  

~ Krista

How Can Interspecies Communication & Healing Help You? 

Interspecies Communication is communication between all living things. This includes but is not limited to: animals, plants, angels, trees, higher vibrational life forms, and crystals.

At Got Equan
imity, I am incredibly passionate about interspecies communication because nature (which we are a part of, not separate from) is leading the way to help us heal. When we heal ourselves, we heal all because we are all connected. It is imperative we heed the lessons of nature to evolve as a species. 


  • Receive energetic healing for chronic issues such as pain management for you or your animal friend.

  • Acquire a clearing of your energy field of any blockages, toxicities, or attachments.

  • A clearing can increase connection to your higher self and intuition.

  • Receive energetic healing from trauma, accidents, or surgery which leaks life force energy.

  • Cutting cords from energy that no longer serve you.

  • Clearings can also be applied to houses and land.

Energy Healing
  • Communicate with pets, living or deceased.

  • Receive guidance on animal behavior issues and rewrite agreements between you and your animal friend that can help or alter any unwanted behavior.

  • Find out why your animal friend is with you and what they are here to teach you and learn.

  • Find out your pet's wishes during times of transition.

  • Speak with a loved one (human) on the other side.

  • Speak with a guide or higher dimensional being for assistance and guidance. 

Cosmic Connections
  • Are you aware you have help from higher realms?

  • Get information on your Galactic history/ancestry with a Galactic Akashic reading.

  • Help in remembering your soul's purpose and journey.

  • Get answers on love, life purpose, health, or career. 

Also Available:

  • House/Land Healing & Clearing

  • Cutting Cords

  • Entity Removal

  • Find Your Spirit Guide

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"I reached out to Krista to check in with my aging dog who was not doing well.  Krista immediately tapped into her and received so much detailed information on how she was doing and what she would like.  Her health was not good at the time and Krista offered to do distance healing sessions on her.  The healing has dramatically improved her well-being and she has perked back up.  Krista is a gifted communicator and a pleasure to work with.  She cares deeply about all beings and her clients, and it comes through in her work.  So grateful I found her! "

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